‘Tory gender laws vow’ and ‘Brave Rob Burrow’

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‘Tory gender laws vow’ and ‘Brave Rob Burrow’

The headline in the Times reads: Tory vow to end abuse of gender laws by predators

The Conservative Party’s latest attempt to appeal to voters makes the front page of many of the papers on Monday. The Times reports that Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch will “accuse “sexual” predators and “activist” campaign groups of abusing Britain’s equalities laws” in a speech to be delivered on Monday. Pictured alongside the report is the late rugby league player Rob Burrow, who died on Sunday after suffering from motor neurone disease

The headline in the Daily Telegraph reads: Sunak: I'll change law to protect women's spaces

The Daily Telegraph also leads with the latest from the Conservative Party, previewing a speech by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in which he will announce that “the Conservative manifesto includes a pledge to rewrite the Equality Act to make clear sex means biological sex”. To the right of that report is media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s wedding photo with new wife Elena Zhukova

The headline in the Daily Mail reads: Sex is a fact of biology

The Daily Mail is also running the Tory manifesto pledge in the top spot, quoting Sunak’s speech in its headline. Beside the report, the Mail, too, features a snap of the new Murdoch couple, and above, the paper previews its true crime podcast

The headline in the i reads: Labour plan for softer Brexit deal too ambitious, EU insiders warn

Sir Keir Starmer’s “hopes of striking a new relationship with the European Union after winning power would mean signing up to Brussels rules he has already ruled out”, the i reports. Citing a “Brussels source”, the paper says expectations on a “softer” Brexit may be “too high”

The headline in the Guardian reads: Care agencies accused of exploiting foreign workers

Leading the Guardian on Monday is a report on British social care agencies being accused of exploiting foreign workers, “leaving migrants living on the breadline”. It says dozens of migrants have shared their experiences with the paper, and quotes the Royal College of Nursing’s call for a government inquiry into the matter. Below that story is a photo of the late Rob Burrow with his wife Lindsey

The headline in the Financial Times reads: Russia-China gas pipeline deal stalls as Beijing plays hardball over prices

The leading story in the Financial Times details a major gas pipeline deal between Russia and China, which has stalled over “what Moscow sees as Beijing’s unreasonable demands on price and supply levels”. The paper also reports the latest AI chip by tech powerhouse Nvidia, which the FT says is a move that shows the company is “racing to entrench its dominance” in the market

The headline in the Daily Mirror reads: True Hero

The Daily Mirror splits its Monday front page in half – above is a continuation of its exclusive chat with Stormy Daniels following the conviction of former president Donald Trump over hush-money paid to her. “I stood up to Trump and his bullies so world could hear the truth,” the paper paraphrases in its preview of the story. Below is a tribute to Rob Burrow, who the paper describes as a “true hero” in its headline

The headline in the Daily Express reads: He inspired the nation... Rob Burrow dies at 41 after MND battle

The death of Rob Burrow leads the Daily Express on Monday. It reports that tributes have “poured in” for the “sporting giant and inspirational campaigner”. Previewed above are reports on the Tories’ latest election pledge and showbiz gossip involving British singer Adele

The headline in the Daily Star reads: The bravest man in Britain

The Daily Star, too, splashes its front page with a tribute to Rob Burrow, who the paper labels “the bravest man in Britain”. Above, the paper also features what it describes as “England’s secret Euros weapon” ahead of the football competition beginning later this month

The healine in the Metro reads: The hand of vlog

In the top spot for the Metro is a report that a “notorious Russian vlogger offered people £260,000 to disrupt the showpiece Champions League final at Wembley”. Elsewhere, the paper previews its “pride special” travel section, marking the first week of LGBTQIA+ pride month

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