Mum seeks answers as daughter’s body kept in morgue

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Mum seeks answers as daughter’s body kept in morgue

“My daughter’s been lying in the morgue for three weeks and [they are] not giving me any answers,” said Ms Hodgetts.

“I was just distraught today because every day now it’s getting more and more unbearable.

“I just imagine her lying there.”

Somerset Council said: “We extend our sincere condolences and sympathies to the family and apologise for the delay they have experienced at what is always a very difficult time.

“Pressure on pathology services is an issue affecting many areas of the country and in part is caused by the numbers of pathologists entering the profession and balancing other medical work with undertaken post mortems.”

According to a report, external by the Royal College of Pathologists, in many places, NHS employers often do not appreciate the importance of coronial autopsy work and would prefer their pathologists to prioritise living patients.

Pathologists report that their work is often under-appreciated and that autopsy practice is not seen as a highly-skilled job.

The council said it is looking at options to address staff shortages in the short and long term by identifying other pathologists that may be willing and able to undertake work within the Somerset area.

Somerset NHS Foundation Trust has declined to comment.

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