Labour pledges ‘iron-clad’ support for Ukraine against Putin

Home Politics Labour pledges ‘iron-clad’ support for Ukraine against Putin
Labour pledges ‘iron-clad’ support for Ukraine against Putin

A Labour government would have an “iron-clad commitment” to supporting Ukraine against Putin, two shadow ministers have said.

The pledge came as shadow foreign secretary David Lammy and shadow defence secretary John Healey visited the country’s capital, Kyiv.

The pair visited to discuss a “new UK plan” to help ensure victory against Russia’s “imperial invasion”.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said Labour would not match Tory defence spending.

In a joint statement, Mr Lammy and Mr Healey said they visited together to show a united front against Mr Putin’s attempts to divide the West.

“Moscow’s deepened cooperation with Beijing, Tehran and Pyongyang requires us to deepen our co-operation with Britain’s allies to demonstrate that our commitment to Ukraine will outlast Vladmir Putin’s imperial invasion,” they said.

“The next Labour government’s commitment to Ukraine will be ironclad, and European security will be our first foreign and defence priority.

“Labour’s action plan lays out a wide-ranging approach to stand with Ukraine, confront Russian aggression and pursue Putin for his war crimes. We will stand with Ukraine until it wins.”

The visit was intended to send a message that, should Labour win the next general election, there would be “no change in our military, diplomatic, financial and political support to Ukraine”, they said.

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