Britain’s Got Talent: Comedian ‘embraces’ his tics

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Britain’s Got Talent: Comedian ‘embraces’ his tics

A comedian with autism and Tourette’s who appeared on Britain’s Got Talent said he poked fun at his tics as they were “fundamentally funny”.

The involuntary movements are a key feature of Tourette’s syndrome, and Alex Mitchell made them part of his routine on the ITV talent show.

The primary school teacher, who comes from Bedford and now lives in Leeds, received four “yeses” from the judges during episode six of this series.

“It would be weird not to acknowledge them. I try to use them in the best way possible,” he told the BBC.

His stand-up routine included jokes about dating, autism and Tourette’s, and he got extra laughs after rebuking head judge Simon Cowell.

He admitted that the tics could make stage performances tricky at times.

“Obviously it changes certain things,” he said. “Some nights are better than others, some nights we just do two jokes.

“But I think embracing them and trying to make them as funny as I can is the easiest and best thing to do.”

Mr Mitchell said it has been “a wild ride” since appearing on the show.

“The response has been insane,” he added.

As a teacher, he said his pupils had been “really supportive”.

“They’ve been lovely and really sweet. I didn’t realise how much it would mean to other people, and that’s what touched me the most,” he said.

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