Birmingham dancer goes viral at Nicki Minaj show

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Birmingham dancer goes viral at Nicki Minaj show

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BBC Nat Sweeney doing the splitsBBC

A video of Nat Sweeney dancing before the concert has been retweeted by Nicki Minaj

A dance teacher has gone viral on social media after entertaining the crowd before a Nicki Minaj concert in Birmingham.

Nat Sweeney from Moseley was waiting for the gig to start at Resorts World Arena on Sunday when he decided to launch into a series of acrobatic flips and splits.

His improvisation quickly garnered the attention of the crowd and a video of Mr Sweeney, which has racked up thousands of views, has even been retweeted by Nicki Minaj herself.

The 21-year-old, who is a teacher at Sparkles School of Dance in Birmingham, told BBC Radio WM: “It’s been exciting. All of a sudden everyone was looking at me and I’m like here we go, I’ve got to put on some sort of a show.”

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The dance teacher said he had been trying to get to the front before the concert, but due to the crowds, decided to stay back and find some space.

“Everyone was strutting about, people in their good outfits. I was just in my hoodie and my Crocs,” Mr Sweeney said.

When the DJ started to point out people’s outfits in different sections of the crowd, the 21-year-old decided to launch into the splits, before performing a range of flips and dance moves.

“I was kind of in my own world, I didn’t know what was happening,” he said.

“I knew everyone was looking at me and by the reaction and sounds – especially the DJ, he was even egging me on himself.”

Nat Sweeney decided to entertain the crowd at a Nikki Minaj concert.

When asked about the reaction to the videos, one of which has more than 700,000 views on TikTok, he said: “People are just loving the Crocs for some reason, I don’t know why.”

The concert came just one day after Minaj was forced to cancel her concert at Manchester’s Co-op Live arena after she was arrested at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport on suspicion of exporting drugs.

Mr Sweeney said the crowds on Sunday were worried that Minaj might not perform, adding that Minaj was “wild”, but said she “killed it”.

“It was my third time seeing her. I thought it was incredible,” he said.

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