Yoga Related Myths That You Always Thought Were True

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Each one us accounts for the myths more than we should. Let us break the ice and tell the  considerable truths that have been speculated regarding the ancient form of exercising yoga.

Yoga has its roots from Hinduism

It is wrongly framed. The art and science of Yoga are centuries old and has its roots from India (not Hinduism) and because India had the greatest number of Hindus living in its land, it is confirmed that it came from Hinduism, rather it is from India and has nothing to with the mythology of Hindus.

Any person from any caste, creed, color, and religion can enjoy the serenity that comes with practicing this form of Exercising, originated in the colorful land of India.

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Want to be a yogi? drop that chicken piece

In which book is this written that if you want to be a person who practices yoga regularly, you cannot eat nonveg? Though, yes! It is related to purity but until and unless you have been asked and you want to ditch nonveg, it is no compulsion to do so. Eat your favorite nonveg dish and you can still do yoga. However, healthy food would be encouraged than oiler counterparts.

Yoga means early morning

Who says that yoga, or for that matter, the clock backs up any kind of exercise? Morning, evening anytime you feel that is the right time for exercising is the right time. You do not have to overthink to achieve that fit body you were craving. No one is forcing to wake up early in the morning, as yoga in India could be just performed when the sun shines.

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