Xiaomi Patents Smartphone With Dual Pop-Up Cameras

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Smartphone creators everywhere on over the world are working on new designs that will let them stand apart from the others in the market. Also, thusly, they will have the option to offer clients something remarkable and set another pattern. One such smartphone producer is Xiaomi as it comes with a large number of special offerings for its fans from time to time.

As people look out for bezel-less smartphones, numerous companies are coming up with gadgets highlighting interesting designs, under-display selfie cameras and pop-up cameras that will build their screen-to-body ratio. Comparable design also wins in the market and ZTE Axon 20 5G carries the credits of being the world’s first smartphone to highlight an in-display camera sensor. Xiaomi Smartphone Patent While we anticipate that few companies should dispatch comparative smartphones, it would seem that Xiaomi will be one of them.

The company has documented a patent application for another smartphone design highlighting two pop-up cameras that will work both as the back and selfie cameras. According to a report by TigerMobiles, the concept images that are seen along with the patent application shows a level gadget with narrow bezels. There appear to be no camera sensors that are obvious at the front or back, gratitude to the pop-up camera instrument. Interesting that the camera sensors pop-up at an edge as the Oppo Reno’s shark balance camera module.

With sensors on both sides of the pop-up module, we can hope to see four camera sensors on the whole. What’s more, the LED streak gives off an impression of being positioned at the top of the smartphone’s back just below the pop-up camera module. It also seems to have a USB Type-C port at the bottom edge. As of now, Xiaomi has propelled a couple smartphones in both the Redmi and Mi setup highlighting a pop-up instrument for the selfie camera module.

Given that the patent documenting shows double pop-up camera system for both the front and back cameras, we have to stand by to know whether the gadget will see the light of the day later as not all licenses come to reality.

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