Why is there an ‘X’ on all train backs? Know now!

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While we are all traveling in trains since childhood, we know many things
about train journeys and Indian railways. However, we still do not know about
many facts that are related to trains and railways. The quirky facts that are
attached to the trains also include the mark of ‘X’ that is studded at the back of
the train or the back of the last compartment on the train.

If you are also excited to know the use of the same. Keep reading to resort to
your curiosity. The big cross is majorly to alert the people or to be precise, the
passengers. It is flashed bold and capital for the safety of the passengers. 

It is the sign that indicates the last coach of the train that is passing by or
arriving at the station. That also helps the station master to understand that
the whole train has passed and he can give the signals accordingly. 

However, sometimes we also notice that the sign of bold and big ‘X’ is not
there on the back of the train coach. The reason is considered that either the
last coach of the train is missing or there is some other kind of signal that is
helping the passengers and the stationmaster. 
The second step that is taken into consideration for safety is the sign of ‘LV’ –
this indicated the last vehicle, which also solves a similar purpose. 

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