Ways to bond with In-Laws during Lockdown

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Are you just married and you get a lot of time with your in laws as we are all stuck in the lockdown that the government has announced? We are here with some solutions. Follow up!

Cook Together As a Family

With no official and social commitments, you certainly have time to step into the kitchen. Rather than one person taking over the responsibility to cook for the entire family, copulate together. Propose a family cooking session and assign different tasks to every member. Trust us, it will be an excellent bonding time and reduces the strain on one person!

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Offer Help, and Take It Too

Are you offering and accepting help from your in-laws? If not, this can be the time to try to do so. Offering or taking help from your mother-in-law or anyone else in the family will only strengthen your bond.

Maybe you will help your FIL along with his finances and he can show you a brand new trick within the kitchen! Everyone feels great being useful to the opposite person!

Board Games to the Rescue!

As you will have lots of spare time on your hands, confirm to utilise it properly. The lockdown period should not be all work, right. You will spend time playing Uno, Zenga, Ludo or other interesting board games. Trust us, you’re never finding the time for this again and who knows, even after the case settles down, weekly gaming sessions become a family tradition!

Working Out Is Essential!

Quarantine is not giving your body much exercise and a decent 40-min workout sash is important for your health and immunity. A minimum of once per week, workout along with your new fam will be amazing. you will teach them Zumba sessions and perhaps your mom-in-law is sweet with yoga. You will even prepare some healthy smoothies for breakfast after the workout.

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