Vipassana – Another Nirvana technique

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Vipassana is also a kind of exercising and mediation that helps one know the truest meaning of life and peace. Vipassana is an age-old practice, which was first brought to account by the good lord himself, Gautam Buddha.

Lord Buddha in India practiced it in India, but it has its effect on the people living outside the nation as well. It attracts a huge crowd of foreign nationalities to come and relish the bliss of Vipassana. This practice of meditation was derived from Theravada Buddhism, although this course does not include any type of religious teachings.

Like Yoga, Vipassana lost its charm in India as well, kudos to S.N Goenka, who brought and gave rebirth to Vipassana in the 1970’s era. He was a retired industrialist and was from Myanmar having Indian heritage within his soul and living style.

The Vipassana course is an approximately 10-day silent – residential program. The focus of this program is towards breath and all kinds of bodily sensations. The course mostly starts early in the morning every day at about 4:30 am.

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Therefore, if you feel sleepy try and rectify that, the fees, accommodation, food and all are free of charge. The prior bookings are to be made for the Vipassana programs that are about 3 to 5 months before as the vacancies fill fast. What you need is to have proper concentration and determination to be a part of this wonderfully fulfilling program.

The same instructions are used in all the centers present In India and the course types are also the same. Hence, it is upon you to choose the place of your liking. The bigger meditation centers have some special facilities, like a single room for meditation and all, other than the ordinary; it is identical in all the spots.


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