Things that are a Total ‘No-No’ at the upcoming New Year bash!

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New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and we all are party-ready to let go off this year that gave more pain to the people than any year would have given. Before you go out to the bash we are here to tell you a few No –No’s that you must look into for a better upcoming year.

Drink to enjoy not sleeping

There are many chances that you might sleep if you drink a lot and cannot welcome the New Year! We suggest drinking to have fun and know when to stop!

That hot stranger – leave him /her to the party –

We know you are high and you have so much to do! But leave that random hot person to the party and do not tag along to your home. If next morning you still want to see them that is a different case.

No rash resolutions please

As the year is about to end we bet you are already planning for a resolution, which is fine! But the party night is not resolute to something, might be it’s the bear talk!

No creepy stuff, please!

Respect what people are doing and do not invade their personal space, by chance you like somebody, talk politely, and know that what a ‘NO’ is!

Can I offer you a drink? – Thanks. But no, Thanks.

Never ever take a drink from a stranger. Make it a point, be it New Year, birthday, or any special day for that matter. Your safety is important.

Gaddi tera bhai chalega! No, we request no!

Drink and drive sound fun but is not at all in that fashion. Please take care of yourself and do not drive yourself back home.

Don’t go overspending –

Carry the amount you want to spend and stay on that budget. Do not overspend; the party is not a one-day affair. Check your expenses before you spend a fortune!

No drunk dialing and texting your ex –

Why ruin your day? Do not contact your ex for the heck of it! Let them and you be the way it is! Maybe try that when you are not drunk.

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