Behind the scene | Unsung Heroes who designed the Taj Mahal

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Well, our Taj is not just any other building; it is a confluence of three types of architectural styles namely Indian, Mughal, and Persian. The combination of the three best architectural styles makes it one of its kind and shows that somewhere in the history of the country, India developed a religiously tolerant society.

Designing Taj- Not the work of a ‘one-man army,’ there were others too!

No doubt, Shah Jahan was very active while Taj was being built, and he used to participate in every activity as well as decisions of its design. He used to take meetings with the supervisors and builders to assure nothing was left out, and the best of everything was done because it is his love for his beloved wife and his last gift to her!

Nevertheless, the real faces behind the designing of the Taj Mahal, who all made it an imperial legacy and the most appreciated artwork around the globe failed to get their name recorded in history and died in anonymity! 

Only two names got the credit for the designing of Taj, namely ‘Ustad Ahmad Lahuari’ and ‘Mir Abdul Karim.’ Their names were mentioned in the script written by Lutfullah Muhandis (Son of Ustad Ahmad Lahuari – who also laid the foundation of the Red Fort, Delhi). Mir Abd-ul Karim and Makramat Khan both played the role of supervisors when the Taj Mahal was under construction.

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According to the official Mughal historical accounts, a team of 37 other designers and architects provided their contribution in designing the most beautiful building of all time!

According to modern historians, the Taj Mahal’s mind-blowing architectural design was a result of the collaborative efforts of many. For Instance, the famous dome builder from Turkey, Ismaili Afandi, contributed his skills in the designing of the beautiful dome of Taj. Whereas, Amanat Khan from Shiraz was the calligrapher who accessorized Taj’s gateway with his signature work.

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