Unknown Success Stories of Bitcoins | Millionaire by chance!

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Cryptocurrency, moreover bitcoin is seeking enormous success in the market. It has yet not reached its ultimate heights. Bitcoins have made a lot many people earn their bread and butter or have even turned out in making people the proprietors of millions and billions of cryptocurrencies.

Let us swipe in to know about two millionaires, who got the status just by chance!

Kristoffer Koch | forgot about his money

What better example than this of a millionaire by chance! This young man invested 150 kroner, which is just $26.60 in the year 2009, and bought 500 bitcoins. He was working on thesis on encryption when he came across bitcoins; the currency was in its infancy so after making a small investment he forgot about the same. It was in April 2013 when the media exaggerated about cryptocurrency, it is then when he remembered that he had some of them in his wallet.

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After various failed attempts to get to his password, he finally unlocked his e-wallet and got to know that they were worth massive 8, 86,000$ which would make about 5.6 crores.

Erik Fineman | A boy in his teens

In the year 2012, a 15 year old boy got motivated to try his hands-on mining and score some of the bitcoins for himself. On the eve of Easter, his grandmother gave him 1000$, and he immediately spent all of those to buy bitcoins. An year later in 2013, the money was ranging to $100,000 and he sold all his bitcoins.

He started his own company called Botangle.com, it is a web venture where he provides people with video tutorials and he even pays his employees in bitcoins.

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