Tricks to Improve the Wi-Fi Signal at home

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If you have got Wi-Fi recently installed at your residence but you are facing issues with dropped signals or net speed? We understand that it could get quite on the nerves. Canceled downloads, inefficiency to stream and surf the internet. Huff! The list is long.

Some of the below-mentioned steps could be followed that will help in the optimization of the network. So, let us get to the list and get you covered with all the issues that your WiFi is creating and bugging you.

1.  Update the Wi-Fi Firmware –

Sometimes the biggest problems are the updates that are pending. Router companies update their router software in the same way as the smartphone companies do. Battery and security reasons also fall in the list. If you have a new router, the settings can be updated right from the back end settings, but if you have an old one you will have to do the update manually and install it on your own.

2.  Selecting the right frequency –

It completely depends on your needs and the placement of the router majorly. The new age routers now come with two distinguished bands. 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies and it serves an entirely different purpose that has its dependency on where the router is being placed in the house and where the user majorly sits.

3.  Wi-Fi Repeaters are obsolete –

After we have known about all the options, Wi-Fi repeater can be termed as the worst solution to signal problems. We will personally recommend you to not waste money on a repeater as its use is to only re-broadcast the signal of your router. It is also a possibility that your home is big and has a huge ceiling and thick walls, which also makes a big difference that is often unnoticed.

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