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Who doesn’t love movies with dog characters speaking out for the characters and making it much more charming in its approach? Over the years, we’ve fallen in love and cried over these cute little furry animals more often than ever. Here are some of our favourite dog characters from movies that we still think about

  • Tuffy from the movie Hum apke hai Kaun?

This cuddly little fur-ball legit saved the entire film and had more common sense than all the humans put together in the scene of a movie by Rajshree productions. Also, he seems so cute and lovable. Keeping a dog’s name tuffy became a thing after the release of this entertainer.

  • Scooby doo from Scooby-doo 

Scooby doo was our best friend when we were kids, and we were so fond of going around solving the mysteries that used to feel like a big deal with this sloppy Great Dane. TV shows, comics or in the movies we were always in love with this character. Agreed?

  • Entertainment from the film Its Entertainment 

While we are sorry, but we don’t have much to say about the movie, many might understand our pain. But the gorgeous Labrador was just a beauty making the movie quite a bit bearable. He was better than many others in the film. Kudos to the star.

  • 101 Dalmatians from the movie 101 Dalmations 

All of them hands down literally; them all have our hearts since the movie touched the silver screen. After the same, Dalmatians were a thing, and we fell in purest love with these little cuddly black and white wonders. Doesn’t matter if it’s the 1961 original animated one or the 1996 live-action adaptation, we are happy it was created, and we were introduced to such unique creations by God.

  • Bhidu from the children movie Chillar Party 

This children’s movie with so many adorable kids already was fantastic to enjoy, and the addition of a street dog was downright incredible. The film was about a group of kids trying to keep a street dog in their society as he would be abandoned otherwise. If you have not watched this creation, do for the sake of child actors and Bhidu who were bang on. 

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