Tips to follow when working from home at time of Lockdown

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Amidst all the disruption caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, a substantial percentage of the world’s population… over ever before, are asked to work from home (WFH) by their employers. While this may sound like a bonus , before in time, the truth is kind of challenging and TBH, not so enjoyable.

Agreed a number of us may already be accustomed working remotely, but this setup is new for several people and that they cannot help but feel lost within the process.

Let us know how to deal with your work from home situation:

1. Persist with your normal routine

While it would feel good to catch on some extra sleep since you need not commute to your office anymore, it is still important to take care of your normal working day schedule. Arise on time, shower and be ready for work on the beginning of the day (even dress up if you have got video calls scheduled). Do not spread negativity with loose clothes and unclean body.

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2. Find a zealous workspace

For operating in a business-like manner, you want to create an ad-hoc office space reception from where you will work comfortably. try and sit at a table or desk and a comfortable chair, if possible, as this can not only facilitate your focus but also make sure you have a decent posture; functioning from your bed or couch goes to convey you a backache. Keeping the desk clean and organised may also facilitate your stay focused in this lockdown situation.

3. Structure a healthy workflow

Since you are your own manager , it is upon you to manage your productivity throughout the day. Moreover, for structuring your day, you wish to own a clearly defined purpose. So start with creating a commotion list – segment your tasks on priority basis and plan it slow accordingly. Do not forget to line it slow for breaks and any unforeseen work calls or new tasks, which may come your way.

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