The History behind the Indo – Chinese Food

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The first Chinese arrived in the late 18th century mainly from Hakka and settled in a place called Tiretta Bazar in Kolkata. The Hakka Chinese began to open small eating-places for the Chinese workers initially to start with. The Chinese food joints were open for just the people who were from China working in India. The Indians refused to eat the bland food and hence, the Chinese improved and prepared it in Indian spices hence called Indo Chinese food.

Before the Chinese people had arrived, the city’s restaurants were limited to the cuisines Indian traditions had to offer. However, the scenario changed and people started introducing Chinese food as well. Biryani and Kolkata Kathi Rolls were the go-to fast food options available for the people. It took around one whole century for the people to adjust with the taste and adapt the cuisine that the Chinese had to offer in the Indian base restaurant.

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History says, not just the mixture of spices from the neighboring country but the Intercountry weddings that took place at that time became one of the main reasons for the Indianisation of the Chinese cuisine. The mixture of Schezwan sauce is one such creation, which is the amalgamation of great tastes from both India as well as China. This was the creation of a chef named Hong, who was a Chinese working in a restaurant in Kolkata. Now, the sauce is one of the most loved Chinese dips served with noodles, momos, spring rolls, and all the other dishes.

Though the beginning of Hakka Chinese food in India can be well traced to innovators like that of Eau Chew and Pou Chong, they were the first to decide the innovation behind the legendary creation of Indo – Chinese taste which could be easily accepted by the people of India. After this great success in the Indian market, in ’70s Chef’s from Tangra began to move towards Bombay and New Delhi introducing their style of eateries. China Garden was one of the first Chinese restaurants in Mumbai, where Chef Nelson Wangin invented the Manchurian style of cooking. Presently, eaten all across the globe.

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