The “False Narrative” argument in the Bigg Boss house – was Salman Khan right in rebuking Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik?

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In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 14, we saw Salman Khan taking over a week ago’s heated discussion from inside the house. The debate was over the term utilized by Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla called false narrative.’ But before he would barbecue the housemates, they were put at the task of discussing the false narratives that housemates have been creating against them. It prompted a great deal of mayhem. First of all, the term ‘false narrative’ was used when Nikki Tamboli refused to make Rakhi Sawant’s bed.

He had introduced the perspective saying that the housemates have been segregating Rakhi for unknown reasons. He had used the word ‘Achyut’ (person who is down caste to be touched). Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla had turned out on the side of Nikki Tamboli over the issue. They then put the charge of spreading a false narrative against certain housemates on Eijaz Khan according to his convenience.

During the task, Eijaz Khan had been attempting to disclose to the housemates how the false narrative term was prompted and how off-base and unreliable it was of Rubina and Abhinav to bring out such a word. However, a portion of the housemates had just assaulted Eijaz Khan around then. Salman Khan took a diversion before putting it out that RubiNav was off the base. He asked Eijaz Khan the entire story. Afterward, he requested Rubina to express her point. Rubina was of assessment that Eijaz Khan pounds his speculation into the housemates’ psyches and the audience that could hamper their picture. Salman, at that point, asked Aly Goni if he concurs with Rubina’s perspective. Aly Goni says that he doesn’t think that one specific individual’s feelings could influence the housemates’ reputation in the audience’s mind. Salman had added to it saying that a few cameras and the crowd get the bigger picture, and they are keen to outline sentiments and judge them appropriately. He proceeded to find out if the housemates concur with Aly’s perspective. Everybody rose their hands up. At that point, he moved to criticize Rubina and Abhinav as by concurring with Aly, they substantiated themselves wrong.

Salman Khan at that point went into full sarcasm mode wherein he gave them different false narratives on the creators’ and channel’s part to bring Rubina Dilaik, Jasmin Bhasin, Abhinav Shukla, and Aly Goni in the nominations. He took a dig at that remark a lot of times.

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