The existing Royals of India | Even after Independence

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The words royals, maharajahs, the princess makes us straight away imagine the palaces, forts, big cars, luxury all around and all the lavish things. However, cut to the present times, it is the nation where everyone is considered equal and it is the law that is the supreme power. Let us know some families that are still in the country living in their palaces with distinguished luxury all around them, and we call them the royals of India.

The dynasty of Mewar –

We know Mewar since when the Great King Maharana Pratap and the brave queen Padmini were a part of it. The dynasty still enjoys its name on the list of royals of India. Rana Sri Ji Arvind Singh Mewar who is the 76th custodian of the great Mewar dynasty. The royal family owns various luxurious and heritage hotels, resorts and has a lot many charitable institutions in Rajasthan. They have around 1200 people working under them running their properties.

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The royals of Rajkot –

The royals are loaded with money and using it in the right direction is what makes the royals of Rajkot stand out of all the other next generations of the king’s families. The man behind the yet strong dynasty Yuvraj Mandhatasinh Jadeja is working hard to make the family proud by investing around 100 crores in biofuel development and hydropower plants. He among the royals of India also tied up with US pizza to make the outlets spread across Gujarat.

Royals of Jodhpur –

The blue city has a beautiful palace which is the world’s biggest private resident and it belongs to the aristocrat family of Jodhpur. Moreover, who has not heard about Umaid Bhawan Palace the private residence of the royals? However, a part of the palace is under the Taj Group as it is used as a heritage hotel in the partnership with the royal family.

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