Tamil Nadu man alleges Google Maps for creating a rift in his marriage; Here’s How

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Navigating apps has helped many to find places without much help and reach back home safely, but it can sometimes play tricky games in a user’s life, leading him to deep trouble. 49-years old R Chandrasekhar has accused Google Maps of creating a rift in his marriage. 

A resident of Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu’s Mayiladuthurai, Chandrasekhar, alleged that he had faced family issues, emotional troubles and even violence with his near ones over ‘misinformation’ regarding his whereabouts given by the navigation app. 

According to the fancy store owner, Chandrasekhar, his wife has been continuously checking ‘Your timeline’ feature in Google Maps. she used to keep an eye on all the places he visited and has been questioning him about why he attended the places the Google Maps shows he has been. He even complained that his wife is not letting him sleep and this is affecting the entire family.

Recalling a recent incident, he says map depicted a graph to his wife. In the graph, places that he never visited were shown. This leads to suspicions and problems in his marital life. He has even lodged a police complaint against Goggle for projecting the wrong information on his timeline. The cops are inquiring about the matter. 

While some social networking and dating apps are bringing people closer, some apps are also built to spy on spouses. Technology can both be a boon and bane at the same time.


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