Indian Government Might Honor Sushant Singh Rajput By Naming A National Award After Him!

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It has been more than nine months since the world has bid farewell to Mahendra Singh Dhoni – The Untold Story star Sushant Singh Rajput. The void that he left persists in his fans, friends, and family’s hearts, and it will always be the same because of his untimely demise by suicide. As fans, we cannot do a lot for the late actor now as the case is settled, calling it a suicide, but the latest news that has brought the star back in headlines is that the Indian Government has planned to instate an award in his name. 

Yes! If speculations and sources are to be believed about a national award to be named after the late actor, the news might turn out to be trustworthy. There are plans to name a national award in his name permanently by the ruling government of India. Read further to know the deets. 

According to the reports by a famous entertainment news portal Bollywood Hungama, a high-level source from Bharatiya Janata Party, informed the portal, saying, “Yes, they are planning to instate a National film award named after Sushant Singh Rajput. The proposal has been put forth. But then, as we all know, bureaucracy and politics are slow movers. It’s taking time to push the idea forward. But we will get there, I am sure.”

It ought to be noted here that not a solitary plan has emerged to be on groundwork, which was the major talk about at the hour of Sushant Singh Rajput‘s sudden demise. There have been a few conversations. However, no such detail till now is announced. Indeed, even the proposed biopic has not gone anyplace since the declaration was made about the same. 

Discussing Sushant Singh’s biopic, the most recent buzz is that a film named Nyay: The Justice has been making rounds, which will be knit on his life and journey till the demise. It is set to be created by Sarla A Saraogi and Rahul Sharma under the banner of Vikas Productions.

We, the fans of his work and personality, are eagerly waiting for this movie to release in the theatres. Are you on the same page? Also, please comment and tell us how happy you are if the actor gets a name forever in the National Award that is one of the most celebrated accolades in the nation.


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