Social Distancing Activities that prove great for mental health

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The outbreak of corona virus has changed the world in not a good way. Never did anyone imagine that the country will have to seal their borders, and the citizens will have to maintain social distancing to avoid the pandemic to become a situation of grade high panic.

However, it is a good idea to acknowledge that you are privileged. We should also admit that self-quarantine situations are adversely affecting your mental health.

In a similar frame, we are here to tell you about social distancing and what about it is good for your mental health –

Limit Exposure to the News

If you wish to stay up with the news without attaching to your screens, subscribe to news alerts on your phone. That way, you will carry on with all the important updates, without being in a constant state of hysteria.

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Move yourself

All of the people who are telling you to work hard. Yeah about them – dump those. While understanding does improve your mental state significantly, you should not need to necessarily push yourself too hard (especially if you are doing what you o not want). After we are feeling depressed or anxious, even getting out of bed can become a significant feat

Social Distancing

Make time for curricular

However, while we always schedule all our ‘productive’ activities, why can we ignore co curricular ? It is equally important to ‘schedule’ in fun activities into your routine, because all work and no play…you get the image. Put aside proper time for reading, watching Netflix, painting…whatever it is that you do to unwind. Prioritize having fun for maximum amount of productivity.

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