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What is respecting someone? To speak good, to behave nicely and to let the individuality of the person right in front of you not hamper in any means possible. Yes, of course, this is respecting someone. Also to mention, as per the psychologist smelling good is also one of them. Smelling good does not always mean investing in high-end perfumes, mists, and deodorants. Bathing daily and wearing clean clothes so that you are not smelling sweat or anything for that matter when you hit out in public.

Let us take an example of a person who comes inside the bus smelling sweat and looks completely worn out as if he worked hard in the sun all day long and one enters with a decent smell, looking clean. The decision is on you to decide whom you will be more happy to see. Most cases will choose the person who was smelling good and was clean. This is the basic nature of a human to feel the disconnect if someone is smelling inappropriate. 

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“To smell good is to respect others” – is an underrated statement and is not morally taught like speaking the truth and being humble but it is also one such thing that defines the personality of a person and how he wants others to feel about them. If we smell good, people instantaneously are attracted to talk to us as we create an aura of cleanliness and comfort.

To conclude, let us take u a practice of checking for the smells if any before we hit out because your lenience could be a problem for someone else to deal with.  Smelling good.

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