Beauty Tips: Skin Fasting, the Latest Skincare Trend for Clear Skin

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One of the latest skin care trends ruling all over the internet is “skin fasting”. While most of the world is in quarantine, we all are indulge in self-care with a lots of beauty rituals and skin care routines.. However, this new trend is against everything and especially when it comes to building layers of products.

What is Skin Fasting?

Skin Fasting is essentially fast for your skin that requires you to give up all your beauty and skincare products for a few days. This means is that you have to avoid all your skincare products and let your skin deal with the problems it has on its own.

Now, the idea behind Skin fasting is when you have a fixed skincare routine the skin gets used to getting that extra oil from it. Now, to balance it out, the natural sebum glands of the skin stop producing natural oils or even if it does, it does it in a much smaller quantity. In a longer run, your skin starts depending on the external products and in turn reduces the production of natural oils and nutrients

Should you try a skin fast?

It is believed that our skin has the ability to take care of itself naturally, when given the chance to do so. The purpose is to strengthen the skin’s protective layer that gets weakened due to regular use of skincare products. Experts believe taking away skin care products for a few days allows your skin to work more effectively as it gets the time to detoxify.

Skin fasting dos and don’ts

1. Drink Plenty of water to avoid from the problem of Dehydration.

2. Do it only once a week not more than that. once your skin has returned to baseline, slowly introduce one product back into your routine at a time.”

3.Don’t skin fast if you have a skin condition and you’re undergoing a treatment.

 4.Don’t do it if your skin doesn’t feel good or seeing some problems after the first attempt.

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