Side effects of Beetroot – The Bitter truth!

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May Cause Kidney stones if consumed in abundance –

If Harvard’s health blog is to be understood then beetroots are rich in oxalate that caters to the making of stones in the kidney. If you already have stones, there are huge chances your doctor would not allow you to eat beetroots at all.

There are chances that you might catch up with Beeturia –

What we eat in a day can be easily visible in our urine. If we eat too much beetroot, it is sure to turn the color of the piss, pinkish in shade and this could be easily seen in the people who are deficient of iron. It is though, not a big cause of the issue but if the signs are seen, individuals should get their iron deficiency checked.


Beetroot is a common allergy for many individuals; it can cause itchiness, rashes, pimples, hives, chills, and fever as well. However, this is a very rare case but people have also complained about constriction in the vocal cords.

Possibly colored stools –

Beetroot contains betacyanin, which is a chemical that caters to the vegetables to have a deep red shade. However, most of the fruits and vegetables tend to lose color in the process of digestion. Beetroot tends to stick to its coloring agent that can cause stool slightly reddish in shade. It might be harmless, but it is always better to consult a doctor before you keep going with it.

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Upset Stomach is another big cause –

If you are already suffering from gastrointestinal issues, then you should stop the consumption of beetroot for it is something that gives too much heat to our body and hence, creates bloating, cramping, and many such problems. Constipation and diarrhea are two of the other problems that can be caused by the overconsumption of this vegetable in solid or juice form.

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