Scientific Reasons behind Indian Traditional Beliefs–

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India, one of the most popularly known countries for its spice trade, colors, culture, tradition, and deep-seated values. The Indian traditional beliefs from generations have been following certain trends and traditions, which are like the fashion given to us by our religious books and stories.

The etiquettes, way of living, talking, dressing up are all the values that have been inculcated within us since and when we stepped in the world.

However, now we think that the cultural practices and the ideologies are orthodox and are simple implementations that we have to follow, science comes up with the fact saying that most of the beliefs be it wearables or habits are scientifically backed.

Let us know some of them and shift our thoughts from its age-old orthodox beliefs –

1.  Henna or Mehndi –

Henna has many medicinal values and when it is applied on the hand and feet, it is known to reduce the level of stress during functions and day-to-day life. It cools down the body temperature and nervous tension. It is also a great part of Indian traditional values.

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2.  Tilak or Bindi –

The spot in between the two eyebrows is to be decorated with vermilion; it is considered the major nerve point in the human body and pressing it with the tiles, which is known to cool down the whole system of the body. It energizes the body and makes the blood circulation good; there are almost all the puja ceremonies in the Hindu culture that is not completed without tilak.

3.  Sindoor –

Sindoor is the thing, which is decorated with a mixture of turmeric, lime, and the metal mercury. It is used by the Indian women for its outstanding qualities to control blood pressure, keeping the mind cool and activates the sexual desires in a woman. 

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