Popular Yoga Retreats in India

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The age-old theory of Yoga is taking the world by storm with its immensely amazing health and mental benefits in the yoga retreats. The theory of this amazingness is as old as the human race. The Abhyasa that we go through while we are meditating is loaded and stuffed with some amazing superpowers that the world is rushing towards the bygone exercising style.

Let us know some of the best places in the nation for practicing Yoga –


Also known as, the yoga capital of the world has some amazing retreat arenas for the people looking for a vacation completely dedicated to Yoga lessons. One can plan a trip to the banks of Ganges and find stereotypically perfect spots for that yoga session you have been planning lately. Phoot Chatli is among the popular most yoga retreats in the city of Rishikesh.


The place is known for its beaches, sheer beauty, parties, and fun. However, have you ever heard that this is one place, which is ornamented with some amazing yoga retreats, resorts, and ashrams? If not. Give it a try for Goa is a place, which tends to never disappoint its visitors.

Purple valley in Asangoa is the most favored among the other counterparts in the state.

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How can we miss on the Ganga city Varanasi? The favorite spot for foreign tourists. Plan your yoga retreat session in the arms of this city to have one of the best experiences of the powers of meditation. Yoga is said to be useful in attaining moksha if that is your plan, Varanasi welcomes you to its flick and corner as one of the best Yoga retreats.

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