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The first milk that the mom secrets is thick and is in yellow shade, it is known to have powers, which could let a baby fight anything and everything happening in his body. With its life – boosting powers, it creates magic in kids’ bodies and gives him the perfect nutrition that it needs. Though, it is a personal choice of a mother to do breastfeeding or to not, but, it has huge benefits for both mother and child.

Breastfeeding Perks for Infant Babies –

1. It just does not make the baby stronger but creates an infection-free body from any infections that can be life-threatening, the power of breast milk is such.

2. It is true that if the baby is premature and is given milk of mom, then there are fewer chances that he will face any problems of high or low blood pressure until his teenage arrives.

3.It is also said that breastfeeding might improve the intelligence of a child.

4. Sudden infant death syndrome is common these days and by breastfeeding, 50% of the chance is decreased that he or she will face this dreadful cause of death.

5.Least chances of the kid to face sugar diseases after his teenage years.

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Benefits of breastfeeding for mommies-

1.Breastfeeding helps you lose the unnecessary and unexplained weight gain that you face when you are pregnant.

2. The milk is available for your baby anytime and is also temperature friendly, all you have to do is to simply eat right when you are on breastfeeding sessions.

3. There are rare chances that the women would anytime face breast cancer or ovarian cancer if she breastfeeds her baby regularly after birth.

4.It is the best way a mom can create a heartfelt bond with her baby.

5.Postpartum depression is a thing and there are rare chances that a woman shall feel the same if she starts to breast-feed the baby.

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