Party games to enjoy with your friends online during lockdown

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India is under the position of lockdown and it cannot be termed as easy to that, we are all bored out of our minds. All the socializing is not possible and is only limited to our virtual presence now with the help of the internet. We are here at your disposal with some online alternatives to our loved party games.

1. House party

The reason why this one is on top of the list is that you can play games with your friends however, that is maximum of 8 people while on a video call. This app has options like trivia, Pictionary and card games that will make for great company during virtual Saturday night party.

2. Psych!

Your friends and you can make up fake answers for the questions in this online game. It will be handpicked and then all of you try to pick the right ones. It will help lighten the mood in this time of distress.

3. Evil Apples

Are you also in love with the evil card games? This version of the game is quite alike to the normal one that we enjoy, if not more sarcastic than the physical cards. You can share the game code with who so ever you want to play with be it friends or anyone and get the party started.

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4. Monopoly

You can play your favourite game that you used to play when you were a kid and now it is online so that you can enjoy the same with your friends and family. You can download the app from the game Monopoly in app store in your phone and compete to buy properties across the globe.

5. Exploding Kittens

It is a game about diffusing kittens. They are so mad that they tend to explode. If you have not played this game before, you are in for a crazy surprise.

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