Parenting Tip – Be Better Than A Best Friend

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Hello people! Are you tired of hearing the same old blabber your child is giving you? Are you simply done with his drinking or coming late, or for that matter is he or she annoying in most of the things happening around? If such is the case with you, take a deep breath, imagine your days of youthfulness and break the bar you have constructed between you and your child.

A parent needs to be close to his/ her child to feel comforted and close to someone. However, in the scenario in which the world is dwelling right now needs some alterations while you are parenting a teenager or an adolescent.

Not just a friend or a best friend, be better than the two for your child. Though it becomes very difficult for a parent to let go of many things, we should. They are living in the tech-savvy, fast-moving world, which they have to come up. Right inculcation of thoughts, proper teachings and a bit of freedom is what makes a perfect child in 21st century.

Not losing the string and not tightening it too much is what shall be the best treatment for our child. Play with them, talk to them, understand what they feel, keep some interest in their relationships, do not burden them.

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Once ace actor Amitabh Bachchan said to his father “he should have asked him, before giving him birth. To, which his father late Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchan wrote him a letter and kept it by his pillow, which said, “I could not do it, you ask your son for his approval before giving birth to him”. This kind of conversation even takes place with people at this level, so parents should not be worried rather should be patient.

Parenting is a part of life, not a job and one must not take it too hideously. Keep calm and that is the be-all to help you out of certain positions.

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