Panasonic’s VR Glasses Pack HDR Support, Sleek Design

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As expected, 2020 will see new developments in VR and AR headsets. For all we know, Panasonic might be leading the way. The Japanese company unveiled a new pair of VR goggles at CES 2020 and is the first to support HDR video. The VR headsets in the market currently pack a voluptuous design, but Panasonic has redesigned it entirely.
Panasonic VR Glasses Features Take Samsung Gear, for instance, the bulky headgear is a stark contrast to Panasonic’s new design. The new VR glasses are sleek and feature micro OLED panels that are co-developed by Kopin and Panasonic. The new Panasonic product presents no hint of ‘screen-door effect’ that are generally seen on most VR hardware. The glasses also feature some technical enhancements like HDR support. The CG demo VR glasses at CES 2020 portrayed an impressive and realistic vision of the interior of a Japanese temple.
Additionally, Panasonic has infused its in-house audio technology in the headset with Technics drivers in the earbuds. Panasonic has also partnered with the Lumix camera division for optical designs, which is a similar signal processing technology seen in its TVs and Blu-Ray players. However, the prototype headset at CES 2020 still had some limitations. For one, the headset is heavy in the front and could get uncomfortable with extended use.
But Panasonic could be working on a much lighter VR glasses. Panasonic VR Glasses Availability Reports say Panasonic might not launch the VR glasses commercially as a consumer product. Instead, Panasonic could look into commercial applications we could see in the future like VR sports, VR travel, and more. A lot of Japanese companies are pushing for VR sports ahead of the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The key takeaway is that Panasonic has revamped VR glasses with improved designs and quality as well. It might pave way for the future of VR tech for commercial and consumer usage.

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