OG JioPhone Design Discreetly Overhauled With Compact Form Factor

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It would seem that Reliance Jio has quietly refreshed the original JioPhone. Compared to the principal iteration, the new model looks more compact, because of the contracted bezels across the display and it comes with model number LF-2406.

Starting at now, the accessibility of the new model is restricted. Regarding evaluating, the gadget will cost like the original iteration. Though the equipment has stayed indistinguishable from the previous version, the phone has gotten a design overhaul, where even the back board has been redesigned. JioPhone LF-2406 Features According to a YouTube video, the new JioPhone offers all the highlights that were available on the previous iteration. It supports HD voice calls, 4G web browsing with support for various Indian dialects.

Correspondingly, the phone also supports Bluetooth, remote FM radio, and WiFi connectivity. On the retail box, it is mentioned that the phone is authorized by Qualcomm and depends on KaiOS. However, starting at now, there is no information on the specific chipset number. The 4G highlight phone has a 2.4-inch TFT display with a front-confronting VGA camera. The gadget offers 512MB RAM and 4GB interior storage with a devoted microSD card slot with up to 128GB memory expansion. The smartphone also has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Much the same as the main iteration of JioPhone, the new model also comes with a 2,000 mAh client replaceable battery with support for 5V charging by means of the micro USB port. Accessibility As of now, there is no information on the accessibility of the redesigned model on the online platform. In the event that you need to get one, at that point your smartest choice is to visit a closest Reliance Digital or Reliance Jio store and attempt your karma. Should You Upgrade?

As there is no distinction in the specifications, the performance of the new JioPhone will be indistinguishable from the previous version. On the off chance that you need a slightly compact JioPhone, at that point you can get this version, which is slightly compact and comes with an improved design.

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