Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – What Is It Actually?

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The problem is not just biting nails and cleaning the house, there is more to it, it can surely affect your performance at school, job, relationships or college. Your thoughts, as well as the actions, are mostly beyond your sway.

Obsessive as well as compulsive are two frames of this disorder. When you are dealing with obsessions like you are obsessed about the thought that you would fail if you do not study five minutes before the exam. On the other hand, compulsion is related to the habits, for example, it could be cleaning the room anyhow before you hit the bed at night. Although you might not want all this to happen as a daily routine, you are helpless and powerless.

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Symptoms to know if you are facing an OCD –

 They are not quite evident as the person feels that this is the way he is designed to work or feel. Yet, if you want to know that you are dealing with either obsession or compulsion then these are a few examples telling the symptoms –

Obsessions –

  • The fear of getting dirty
  • Things to be placed in the perfect order
  • The orthodox believe like the number or color is good or bad
  • Suspicion of your partner being unfaithful without any proof
  • Worry about being hurt or someone else getting hurt
  • Constantly aware of any bodily actions

Compulsions –

  • Washing hands or feet anytime anywhere for several times
  • Doing something in exact proportion or exact times that pleases you
  • Need for counting steps, bottles, pens and everything
  • Fear of using toilets, shaking hands, touching anything awkward
  • Repetitive checking of locked doors, cupboards, lights, etc.

The Treatment –

There is no cure as such. However, doctors say not taking tension, a few medications and psychotherapy can help the patient properly.

Get yourself diagnosed and proper treatment should be done in accordance to cure the problems if found any by the doctors.

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