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Net neutrality is one of the most discussed subjects in the world of technology. A lot of us have assumed, read, and made few definitions about it in our heads. While according to a few people it is something related to a neutral internet facility to all the users and for some, it is the unbiased nature of being able to access the internet. The truth, however, is that it is nothing of this sort.

In simple language, ‘net neutrality is a principle that internet providers treat all the data provision neutrally. It prevents internet providers from dominating, overcharging, or discriminating the data you access online. Instead, internet providers are supposed to take an interest in all the sources and circulate them equally. The Federal Communications Commission, abbreviated as FCC of United States of America, first imposed net neutrality.

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Let us try to understand the phenomenon by the given example in detail –

Let us take the common internet provider in the nation that is – Vodafone, it would like to support a particular website’s content over other ones. While at the same time, another internet provider, say Jio would promote the content of the former one. That happens because either of them is affiliated with different websites.

Vodafone from being able to discriminate and it shall display the content of both websites evenly without any alteration in the internet speed provided to both. That would mean that no slower load time for any of the websites.

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