Coronavirus terms you need to know for better understanding of the pandemic

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A virus is an agent of infection that may replicate itself only inside the cells of its living host bodies like plants and animals, but mainly bacteria. They cannot survive for long on non-living surfaces.

Thus, the pandemic of Coronavirus or famously known as the COVID-19 cannot survive on non-living surfaces. It can only pass from one human to a different while talking, coughing, sneezing or exhaling.


WHO is brief for the World Health Organization. It is an international organization health agency, which is predicated in Geneva, Switzerland.


Screening is that the method accustomed checks if someone is showing any symptoms of a specific disease.

This involved taking the person’s temperature, asking inquiries to understand if any symptoms are an introduction and if the person has been in touch with others who are infected.

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Quarantine may be strict isolation usually imposed to shield people from the spread of disease.

Another similar term is self-quarantine. This refers to going into quarantine to shield oneself despite nobody having ordered to try to do so. It is also called voluntary quarantine’.


Isolation is that the process where someone tormented by a disease is separated from others who are healthy.

Social distancing

Social distancing is not identical to quarantine. It refers to those measures taken to scale back social interaction among people.

This is being done now visible of the COVID-19 pandemic to test the spread of disease. It includes canceling large gatherings and shutting down educational institutions and workplaces, which might also reduce the massive number of individuals using conveyance.


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