Bigg Boss 14: Nastiest Fights From The Bigg Boss House Among The Gharwalas!

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No season of Salman Khan hosted Bigg Boss is complete without ugly fights and brawls between the contestants of the house. The finale is right around the corner, and the countdown of who will win the show has begun. Be it the seniors or contestants the brawls sometimes went so harsh that it forced the audience to press the volume down button. The fights were so unsightly that it will either make you go Oh My God! Or you will put your hands on your ear.

Nevertheless, the fights and yelling sessions makes the show even more interesting and entertaining. The contestants and their style of coping up with each other in the house is what excite the audience that is fan of Bigg Boss since forever.

We will take you through a recap of one of the ugliest brawls that took place in the Bigg Boss 14 house. Scroll down to know more.

Jasmin And Rubina

The two women had a full-blown fight during the ‘Ticket to the Finale’ task. Jasmin Bhasin went inside the Bigg Boss house as a connection to Aly Goni. Jasmin and Rubina knit into an ugly catfight during the task. Rubina told Jasmin, “You are ugly mouth woman.” However, Jasmin only heard the word ugly and got angry. In anger, she yelled at her, saying, “You are an ugly woman top to toe.” They stopped after Aly intervened in between to stop the ranting. 

Jasmin And Rahul

The fight happened in the beginning of the show at the time when everyone was completing a task. In the task Rahul snatched a bag from Jasmin. She started crying and abused Rahul as she felt he was threatening her during the task. She was so angry that she splashed water on him and said, “neech, giraa hua aadmi.” She later said that he was intimidating her and was trying to show his physical strength on her.

Kavita And Rubina

Kavita threatened to reveal Abhinav’s truth; Rubina Dilaik asked her to speak about it in the house and not give threats to meet outside. This escalated the fight, and after a few exchanges of ifs and buts, Kavita moved out of the main door and did not return to the house again. 

Kavita And Aly

Bigg Boss asked Kavita to choose a contestant who creates chaos in the house and return their personal items. Nikki took Aly’s name; Kavita picks up his items and put them in a box. That hit Ali’s resistance and made him angry. He started breaking things in the house in anger after Kavita said to him that she is the ‘baap.’ Aly got so furious that he kicked a bin that ended up hurting her. She asked Bigg Boss she won’t live with such a violent man.

Jasmin And Rakhi

Both the girls from the Bigg Boss 14 house invented a new fight type, and that is called duck fight. It started when Jasmin was playing with Rakhi’s fake duck head. Next, she started forcefully putting it on Rakhi’s head. Rakhi Sawant kept crying and shouting that she broke her nose after which he was put under medical attention. Jasmin did not say sorry even after people asking her to do so. She said Rakhi was trying to malign her character as she is doing all this drama and is not actually hurt.

Arshi And Devoleena

It is probably the latest fight in the house and hopefully the last as the Bigg Boss 14 approaches’ season finale. Devoleena broke the utensils and tried shoving the food in Arshi’s mouth. She lost control over her anger and threw food everywhere around. She was so furious that she broke bowls and chairs in the house. This did not stop here as Arshi showed people how she was wasting the food; Devoleena picked it up, split it into two, and then forcefully stuffed it in Arshi’s mouth.

Which of the fights from the Bigg Boss house did you enjoy watching the most and who do you think should win the big boss finale of this season? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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