Mysterious Temples Of India

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Hundreds of years displaying a bewitching and vast history of the nation holding within its flick some of the most beautiful and captivating locations. The land surrounds itself with the beauty of nature and almighty dotted with various temples and pilgrimage spots visited by men and women of the world since ages seeking the best wishes rendered by the absolute power.

Let us know a few of these mysterious temples, which have the quirky tales backing its making.

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Konark Sun Temple –

Mark your presence in one of the most well designed and carved temples in the world. Sun temple also known as Konark temple in India has seen years that exhibits great example of awe – aspiring Indian architecture. It is said to be designed like the vehicle of Lord Sun.

The mystery behind the temple says that the main part of this temple either collapsed or destroyed in the 17th century was widely believed to have 52 tons of magnet structure at its top, and the influence of the same was enough to lift the whole structure in the air.

Brihadeeswara Temple –

Welcome to the seventh largest temple complex in the world. Located in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. This beautiful place with a temple stretching straight to the sky. It would surely take you two to 3 seconds to lift the chin and have a complete look at this temple’s height.

Marked as UNESCO World Heritage site this mysterious temple will make us scratch our head with the thought that how approximately 80 tons of heavy granite rock structured (known as Kumbha) reached the height in the 12th century when there were no pieces of machinery and forces to carry out the process.


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