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Movies are not only a great way to entertainment, but they can also be a lot more than that. Bollywood has given us many movies to watch when you are feeling down and want to watch something that will make you feel good at such times. We list out top feel-good Bollywood movies of all times.

Dil Chahta Hai

Feeling good is directly proportional to friendship. Dil Chahta Hai is one of the movies that created the niche for movies that delivered emotions related to friends and the relationship between them. If you feel lonely or alone any day, tune in and watch this Bollywood film, you sure will feel better than before.

3 Idiots

Another blockbuster from Aamir Khan is this fabulous film that managed to capture the love of the audience like none of its kind. Watching 3 Idiots will make you feel good about life and give you the courage to fight your problems. 

English Vinglish

English Vinglish is a story of a woman who is not so well versed with English. Her struggle to learn and shine out is the truest inspiration to not sit with anything and make the most of your time. Age, size, language, color – nothing matters. This can easily be termed as one of the best movies of all times.


Breaking up is a sad phase. However, when a marriage breaks right before it was destined to be, the pain and void created are different. Starring Kangana Ranaut, this one will make you feel very good about your existence.

Tune in to any one of these movies, and we bet it will make you feel good! Do let us know if you have other names as well.

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