Marvel has dropped its upcoming trailers for the movies and we cannot keep calm!

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Everybody’s been at the edge of their seats for this moment – the Marvel Cinematic Universe is at long last giving us a brief look into Phase Four of their brilliant creation. The first three stages involved the Infinity adventure, with Thanos and the stones. But today, Marvel favored us with an over-burden of trailers, clasps, and hints about their forthcoming shows and motion pictures.

First and foremost – the Loki miniseries. Tom Hiddleston repeats his part as the Asgardian anti-legend, and the show takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

The intriguing trailer additionally stars Owen Wilson and a host of other characters but doesn’t generally uncover anything about the plot. Fundamentally, Loki is stuck in a pretty awful spot, and he needs to get out.

Next up is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – who are carrying on the tradition of Captain America. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan repeat their functions as Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes.

Yet once more, the trailer doesn’t part with a lot, but it seems the two legends traversing the lengths of the world and trying to carry justice to the mantle that Cap left them.

Then there’s Wanda Vision, another miniseries about the lives of Wanda and Vision following the events of the last film. The new trailer is disturbingly scrumptious and completely impenetrable.

It sees the super-controlled couple carrying on with ideal rural lives, but breaks start to show up as they understand their reality might not be what it appears.

Marvel additionally delivered the trailer for their animated anthology arrangement titled What If…? which depends on the funnies of a similar name.

It takes place in alternate realities, investigating what might occur if significant comic or film moments happened differently. Envision T’Challa as Star-Lord, or Peggy as Captain Britain – pretty cool, right?

Apart from the entirety of this decency, they’ve likewise affirmed that motion pictures on everybody going from She-Hulk to the Fantastic Four are about to drop in the coming years.

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