Live-In Relationships Are Better Than Being Married – Do You Agree?

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Relationships these days have become complicated. Be it married, unmarried, or of any sort. We are listing down some of the significant reasons why Live-In Relationships are better than Marriage. No! we do not intend to force you for anything, but all things have good and evil, so why not?

Best Kind Of Commitment

No matter how amazing your marriage sounds and looks like, it is nothing more than an obligation by legalities to stay together. The couple knows the consequences of not being able to make a marriage work. However, the case is different when it comes to live-in relationships. You can walk out whenever you feel like, and there will be no legal boundaries.

You Are Financially Independent

Being a bit insecure is sometimes not such a bad idea. You manage your finances better, and you both are equally responsible for what you earn and spend. When married, however, the case is quite the opposite in most of the instances.

You Only Have To Deal With One Individual

Many a time it is said that you do not just marry a person but their whole family. Nevertheless, the case is different when it comes to living in. You have to deal with the significant other only, and it is not mandatory to deal with all the strings attached to them.

No Taking For Granted 

When you are married, you often take them for granted thinking ”Ye to Mera hi hai”, but the case is not the same with a live-in relationship. Since one can move out of it anytime, taking each other for granted does not come into the picture.

No Gender Roles – Necessarily!

When you live together with a bit of insecurity, you learn a lot about each other. Helping each other and setting no gender roles is what live-in looks like. Many times the things in a marriage are not the same.

We think the live-in relationship is more liberating. What is your say?


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