Let Us Be The Backbone Of Working Mothers!

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Working mothers, one of the positive evolution in society. We are proud to see ladies working to gain financial independence and create their own identity in the eyes of people. No longer they are known by their father’s or husband’s name. They are striving hard to strike a balance at their workplace and in their households.

Having said this, you must also know that not all working mothers gain support from their spouses and the workplace. They are still struggling to hold on to their work-life while taking care of their homely duties along with taking proper care of their children.

Is this not unfair? If the women are stepping ahead to earn bread for the family, should not she be entitled to equivalent support for the rest of the work? Why should only the mother take leave from work when the child is sick, why the father cannot take the initiative? Think about it! It is time that even fathers should understand the pain of going sleepy at work after babysitting the whole night. How else will they understand the importance of sharing responsibility?

First, learn some ways by which you can support working women:

1. Treat your partner with equality

However, this has been said several times but in most cases, it never really was implemented. If you will continue to perceive your wife as someone who is obligated to take care after your children, you will never be able to support her decision to work.

To maintain her sanity, you need to make sure that you divide the responsibility equally whether it is changing the diapers or burning the midnight oil for babysitting.

2. Embrace the responsibility without excuse

When your wife requests you to pick up the child from school, how many times have you said that you have an important meeting? If not meeting, some of the other excuses are many times ready on your plate! Try avoiding this and start embracing your responsibility. Even the lady can have some work priorities, she is not earning for fun!

3. Employers should grant parental leaves to the male employees as well

Employers should grant parental leave to the father in case the child is sick or needs to be picked up from school. They should not expect the mother to take care of such responsibilities. Work flexibility should be provided to the male employees as well only then we as a society can grow and support the idea of women being financially independent.

4. Avoid keeping track of who did what last

Do not get into petty matters like who changed the diapers last time! In the end, it is about leading a healthy life with mental sanity. In the larger picture, both parents together should build a home, which shares the responsibility and believes inequality.

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