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Know about OSHO and his eternal Knowledge

Know about OSHO and his eternal Knowledge

He was known as Rajneesh or OSHO. He was born in a Jain family and has propagated the teachings and preaching of lord Mahavir, Lord Buddha, Hinduism, Sikhism, and all most of the religions in the world. He was the man who did public speaking and influenced a set of people from India as well as the world telling them the importance of life and its art and science.

More than 600 books and transcripts in his name are propagated throughout the world. Even after his demise, his speeches and ideologies have not left the earth and are being followed by men and women from across the world.

Like many others, even OSHO had a teacher whom he followed in many phases and quoted Gurdjieff for he was the believer of his ideologies and preaching. Some of the examples of him quoting are as follows

One of the great tantric of this age, George Gurdjieff, says that identification is the only sin”.

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“George Gurdjieff is right when he says that man is a machine, but by `man’, he means all those who are living unconsciously, who are not aware, who are not awake, who do not respond to reality but only react. 99.9% of human beings come in the category of machines. With these machines, astrology is possible”.

Sadh guru as well as Sri – Sri Ravi Shankar are now known to be working based on the teachings propagated by Osho and the world is following the path who believe in the ideologies of the above – mentioned speakers.

The thought process is upon the world to choose if the ideologies of the gurus are to be believed or let gone.


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