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Micro expressions are the reflex expression that you can see on someone’s face before they speak or react to something. It is known as micro-expression for a reason that it stays for a microsecond and then disappears. Catching hold of that very expression is the first feeling that someone might be feeling.

Micro Expressions are divided into Three Wide Groups or Categories That Are as Follows –

Simulated expressions:

When a microexpression is not followed by a true emotion then it is stimulated expressions. This is the most studied form of micro-expression because of its nature. It occurs when there is a short flick of expression, and then returns to a neutral state.

Neutralized expressions:

As the word suggests when someone makes a neutral face, hiding behind the true expression. This type of Micro Expression is noticeable because someone voluntarily suppresses it.

Masked expressions:

When the true expression is being masked by a fake expression completely and dramatically, they tend to lose bits and these could be caught by deep study noticing the reflex true expression.

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A microexpression is an expression that is the truest emotion that one wants to convey but cannot due to external pressures. It can be respect or fear. However, the defense is using it to catch hold of the terrorists, or even for any of the truth knowing purpose it can be taken in accordance by the people.

A fact also states that women are better at identifying expression as they have to deal with an infant and explain to them what they want to covey with the help of expressions. Hence, they are quite aware of controlling expressions and their micro counterparts.

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