Top 5 Indian journalists who proved that ground reporting is true reporting

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2020 has been a problematic year, practically for all of us. However, it has been harder for those dealing with the bleeding edge, like specialists, nurses, doctors, cops, administrators, maids, and journalists.

This year, we have seen a few journalists past their duties to carry real stories to us. From covering perhaps the best emergency in Indian history to getting down on inaction by the government, these journalists have genuinely affected.

1. Rana Ayyub

Indeed, even since the lockdown started in India in March, we have seen Rana Ayyub covering the traveler emergency and getting down on the government inaction at whatever point required. She went past her journalistic duties and even did help work and gave food to the underprivileged during the hour of emergency.

2. Tanushree Pandey

Her steady and pivotal ground reporting of the Hathras rape case took care of how individuals become more acquainted with reality. She continually kept individuals refreshed on the critical advancements for the situation through social media.

3. Ravi Mishra

He is a well- known journalist and researcher. Ravi Mishra, helped those most exceedingly terrible hits by the lockdown in and around Bhopal with goods and grocery needs. His style was different and hence he is sure to make at such lists and demands huge respect.

4. Barkha Dutt

Veteran journalist Barkha Dutt’s brought to the front the accounts of thousands of travelers when Indian went into a cross country lockdown. She voyaged miles amid the big pandemic hit our country to cover these accounts and scrutinized the government at an urgent time. She is always standing for big cases looking after media sense of the nation.

5. Faye D’Souza

From getting down on inaction by government to top to bottom reporting of the pandemic, Faye speaks to the sort of journalism required across the globe. All through the year 2020, she kept her adherents on social media refreshed with the significant realities and news that were happening all across the nation.

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