Do Not Ask These Questions in Your Job Interview

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There are times when you have many questions in your mind while you are giving a job interview. Certain questions that you ask will make you look unprepared, and those questions might even take away the job you almost got.

Next time when you are in that hot seat, try to avoid asking these questions. You can thank us later.

What “I” have to do in this job?

This will give a very wrong impression; the interviewer might think you are lazy, did not read the job description thoroughly, or not interested in this job.

What will my salary be?

Remember to hold off on the money talk. Let the compensation come up naturally, but do not bring up this topic yourself.

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Will I have long working hours?

Do not ask this question ever! It is as if you are saying that you are not focused on working hard and working hours will bother you!

What does the company do?

This question shows you did not care about the job and came in without doing any kind of research work.

Will I have my own cubicle?

Well, if you think logically, does it matter? This may piss off the person taking your interview and give him a feeling that you are too demanding.

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