Jasmin after her eviction is making revelations about the Bigg Boss14 house and members!

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After the shocking elimination of JasminBhasin from Bigg Boss 14, she is under constant pap from the media. Bhasin is making revelations about her journey and Gharke members. During a recent interview, Jasmin opened up about her relationship with AlyGoni and her dirty fights with Rakhi Sawant, the ever-so entertaining personality.

“It (fight with Rakhi) worked against me, and I think that was Rakhi’s purpose. She isn’t called the queen of reality shows for no reason. She knows when and how to provoke someone, and she managed to do that with me,” Jasmine mentioned in an interview after getting evicted.


Jasmin also pinpointed that Rakhi had given no information to the Bigg Boss contestants about her face surgery being sensitive. She also added that the injury was not genuine, and she had no intentions to hurt Rakhi in any way.

She also added in the interview, “Since there was no intent to hurt her, and she got injured because of the duck head or after banging the table, I somewhere feel she is not being genuine about the injury. When ‘Bigg Boss’ gave her an option to go out for the treatment, she refused. I didn’t feel any difference in her nose. It was the same, just like before,” Later, Jasmin added that she has ‘no regrets’ about the things that have happened as she took her stand.

What is your take on her eviction from the house? Who do you think is next on the list to be out of Bigg Boss14 hosted by Salman Khan?

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