Is OnePlus Clover A Carbon Copy Of Oppo A53?

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An ongoing hole about the upcoming financial plan smartphone worked up the web. OnePlus, a brand associated with leader smartphones is at last making a financial plan smartphone, that too with a 400 arrangement Qualcomm chipset and a 720p display.

Now, it would seem that the OnePlus Clover is probably going to be a rebranded version of the as of late propelled Oppo A53. Most if not all the highlights and specifications of the Oppo A53 matches with the upcoming financial plan OnePlus smartphone.

Do note that, both OnePlus and Oppo belong to BBK Electronics and Oppo is making OnePlus smartphones in India. It isn’t the first occasion when we are seeing a sub-brand copying design and highlights from the brand that it associates.

Oppo A53 Has Its Own Pros And Cons

The Oppo A53 hangs out in the financial plan smartphone crowd for some of the highlights that it offers. For one, this is one of the first smartphones in the world with a 720p resolution and 90Hz revive rate. What’s more, OnePlus is probably going to hold this component for the Clover.

The equivalent goes for the processor also. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 is a generally new passage level octa-core processor and the hole proposes that the Clover will also be founded on the equivalent chipset.

At that point comes to the camera, the OnePlus Clover will have a triple camera arrangement with a 13MP essential sensor. Think about what, the Oppo A53 has an indistinguishable camera arrangement. Indeed, even as far as design and style, the OnePlus Clover is probably going to impersonate the Oppo A53.

There Will Be At Least Two Differences

Though the OnePlus Clover appears to have conspicuously copied each possible element from the Oppo A53, the gadget will have at any rate two particular highlights. The OnePlus Clover is said to come with a 6,000-mAh battery when compared to the 5,000-mAh battery on the Oppo A53.

Furthermore, the OnePlus Clover will run on OxygenOS 10 dependent on Android 10 OS, though the Oppo A53 runs on ColorOS 7. The Clover is relied upon to cost around $200 in select business sectors and is required to dispatch in September 2020.

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