Is Indian Dressing All About Culture?

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Since when we were kids, we are hearing the fact that India is the land of distinguished culture, From sari’s to suits, bohemian looks, to Swadeshi dhotis, the nation portrays a completely different set of clothing style altogether.

Kudos to the fashion designers and their studies today, we are one of the most versatile dressing countries in the world. The country, which hugs around jeans and skirts with a deadly combination of designer saris and lehengas. The culturist values of clothing, meeting up with the western style quotient makes the dress up even more bling.

However, the boasts about cultural dressing and abandoning the western one quite takes up the chart now and then in the boxes of news channels, where people are wanting to turn completely to “cultural clothing”. What is your take on that? Are what we wearing in the present frame culturist and complies rightfully with the bygone traditional values?

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The answer might vary from person to person. However, what is cultural wearing is it about nobody show? If yes, then the saris, which are being worn as of now, show a greater amount of skin than that of a crop top maybe.

Or is it about men wearing kurta pajamas, and not t-shirts and shirts, then why are we calling for the multi-national companies and is it morally correct to wear these so-called culturist clothes in the office environment? Sometimes yes, but no one can wear that all along, and all the time.

Another factor, which makes the western clothes capture the market, is ‘COMFORT’. Yes, and we cannot decline to the fact that western clothing is quite comfortable and can be worn easily without a hassle.

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