Indian Culture | Taboo or Identity

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The nation of diversities, variations, shine, age-old customs, and antiquated traditions situated in the south – East of the continent of Asia and the grandeur is named as India.

The traditional value of India is all about its living standard and from times, it has been changed, modified and altered, making it fall under the list of one of the oldest tradition holders.

What is Indian culture all about?

Indian culture is like the cradle of the human race. The study of Kama Sutra to the royal and aristocrat living standards of kings in forts and palaces, the heavy jewelry, dressy women to powerful and robust men. Lavish cuisines, to homes as big as a city. We all are termed as the golden bird, the country rich in each and everything possible from living standards, agriculture, farming, natural extracts, you name it and India was a land loaded with that.

Another cultural or traditional aspect of India is the village life, the village life in the west is very different in the way we Asians have, and to top it all in India the living standards of the village are favorably low. Yet the grounded behavior in the men and women is intact, which makes them traditionally and culturally rich as they are the people who especially carry forward the words of wisdom speculated by the forefathers.

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Indian Culture

Taboo or identity

It is correct that the youth is taking over society and young people are free-spirited and self-assessing. Cultural values and believes can be termed as orthodox a lot many times, for the western culture is engulfing the society. Nevertheless, the amalgamation of the two best worlds makes India, even richer in its culture accepting the secularism of the society.

People might think it is a taboo and for a few, it is an approach of pride in being called traditionally and culturally rich India. It completely depends on personal perspective, India is a secular and democratic nation and it is great for coming era, culturally sound or not, remains the choice of the citizens.

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