India Has the Least Adult Percentage of Using the Internet in the World

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There have been speculations and thoughts about the process of penetration of the internet in India for a long – long time now. There is the various report, which suggests the fact that India is now a running community having a large number of the crowd using the internet.

However, lately, a famous research center named the Pew research center came up with a survey and the results are sure to shock us – India is the nation that has the least number of adults using the internet all over the world. The percentage is as low as 25%.

If compared with other countries of continent Asia, Korea turns out to use the internet the most. It is 96% of the total crowd, which uses the interface and is also the highest in the world. On the other hand, China did not have reports of the year 2017 but its 2016 results were 71%.

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The global usage level and its average were taken out are about 75% near about three folds more than the Indian nation. Another point of research in this was the owner of smartphones. Even though India is the second-largest market in the world, which sells smartphones, the number of people using the same is a mere 22%. The reports also have it that India’s smartphone ownership is the second-lowest in the world that is in between Tanzania’s which is at 13% and Tunisia at around 27%.

As per the conclusions, even if India is yet not in the league of the big shots in using the Internet. It has seen quite some growth in its rate lately. In the year, 2013 it was reported to have 16% between 2016 to 2017 it was 28% and now the rate has come to 35% and the rest hike will be declared in the coming reports.

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